What we do

Pinon Hill Capital is a business acquisition company primarily in the E-Commerce space offering fixed interest rate investment opportunities to accredited investors. Our business specializes in the acquisition of existing, profitable E-Commerce and Amazon stores as well as the expansion into new products with its existing E-Commerce presence. A small portion of Pinon Hill Capital’s portfolio is allocated towards credit funds, real estate, and other business interests as well. We specifically purchase existing E-Commerce stores that have a track record of stable revenue and profitability. Often times, these stores sell products in which there is limited competition. We generally find opportunities with smaller stores that may not have the capital to expand and choose to sell to someone like us, who has capital to purchase additional inventory and expand the operation.

We also use capital to expand our current portfolio of stores, which is usually facilitated by finding niche products that we can purchase in bulk to sell at a premium to our purchase price on Amazon or via a Shopify store.

Trillion Dollar Industry

30% historical annual growth, 20% expected growth over the next 5 years.

We target profitable stores/ e-commerce businesses with a history of success.

Targeting 20-30% net rates of return on our acquisitions.

Pinon Hill leverages its expertise to expand acquired businesses and generate excess revenues and profit.

Excess capital can be used for opportunities outside the E-Commerce space such as real estate and credit deals.

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